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The mission of the Globalization and Higher Education Research Center (GHERC) is to advance knowledge about globalization and higher education. The Center envisions postsecondary educational institutions as key sites for determining and negotiating various global forces shaping societies today, including the growing influence of a world market. An important concern of the Center is the degree to which colleges and universities might foster truly democratic societies committed to global social justice and a more peaceful global co-existence.


  • To redefine the university as an agent of social transformation committed to a democratically negotiated definition of the public good

  • To strengthen the relationship between democracy and higher education and the role that universities play in fostering democratic societies and processes

  • To strengthen the role that universities play in promoting educational access and social mobility, particularly with regard to disenfranchised and underrepresented populations

  • To challenge the role universities play in advancing science and technology aimed at producing weapons of mass destruction, strengthening the military industrial complex, and furthering military engagement

  • To enhance the development of higher education systems in developing countries in a manner most beneficial to such countries; the Center sees universities in developing countries playing a key role in contributing to the global information economy and thus opposes efforts to restrict scientific and technological developments at such institutions

  • To promote the equitable exchange of higher education services in a manner respective of the challenges confronting developing countries

  • To advance the democratic role of the community college as a gateway to educational attainment for low-income, underrepresented, and immigrant students.